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Essence of Gelfling

Taking headshots is always an adventure…. posing and flirting with a camera in as many ways as possible creating hundreds of images that generally make you cringe –in order to find rare treasures that truly capture your pure essence… or your soul if you subscribe to the native American superstition.

Like acting or auditioning or any sort of public exposure, it’s an opportunity to practice vulnerability, and in my case, to practice toning down the thousands of possible faces into just a few that might cause a casting director to say, “,,,ah, he might work…”

The fads and trends within theatrical headshots change and evolve with the tv/film culture, and this can be tough to keep up with.  For this series, I figured I’d stick with ‘casual and natural’ hoping to hit a middle ground of functional, realistic photos that actually look like me today.  What a novel idea, I know, photos that actually look like me.  I figure honesty is the best policy… cuzz I could do this, I suppose…and get all Beiber photoshop crazy?  … Nah…


Publicly released headshots, of course, represent images that I (and my wife) approved, but just to show you what we were working with, I’ve included one that represents the rest.  😉  Untouched and in it’s raw-ness…  I know that, like mine, most of yours turn out this way too.  

My favorite Headshot

Enjoy… I’d love your comments.  😉  I’ve posted the headshots within the Headshots and Resumes Page…



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