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Nathan’s Feature Directorial Debut

Nathan D. Myers has worked a lot over the last 15 years, but rarely behind the camera in a position outside of Art Director or Producer. This year, he and his wife, D’Lytha, decided to produce their first feature, which Nathan signed on to direct. The film, Aria Appleton shines like the sun, took 50 days of shooting to complete principle photography, and is now in post production –expected to be ready for market by Autumn of 2015.

The very musical movie is a family friendly, dark comedy that follows the scheming of 11 year old Aria Appleton, (Introducing: Sara Grace Prejean) a trouble-making musical ‘diva,’ who is trying desperately to get famous using her talents and utilizing technology like Youtube to make fun of others, bully, and try to make herself look better. When her negligent single-mom (Sara Slaughter Hughes) leaves town on a “business” cruise, Aria’s only option for temporary housing is to stay with an eccentric, home school family down the street who, ironically, are often the brunt of her bullying & jokes. After a lengthy stay with the Battlefields (Nathan D. & D’Lytha Myers)  –who have six, internationally adopted children, Aria feels like a fish-out-of-water, AND following a madcap romp, a domino-effect of humorous, unintended consequences unfolds forcing Aria to face the music, admit to her manipulations and turn over a new leaf.

The film contains six original songs written by Nathan D. Myers, two of which are sung by Aria Appleton, herself, in imaginative soiree’s ala The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

www.AriaAppleton.com is now online and will serve as the hub for the film, however, updates will be made here regarding the film as well.

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