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The Nominations are in…

I recently found out that Aria Appleton, which is in its final stages of market preparation was not only selected for the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando/Cannes, but I was nominated for Best Director of a Feature.  If that weren’t enough, our leading lady, the incomparable Sara Grace Prejean/Aria Appleton herself was nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Feature.

We are thrilled with our nominations and so excited to not only be accepted to the festival but honored in such a way.  It’s wonderful validation following the grueling and beautiful production process that was and continues to be Aria Appleton, the movie.  We hope to attend the festival on May 4th-7th in Orlando, and hope you’ll join us if you can.

Either way, I hope you’ll follow me here on my personal blog and find AA on Facebook & Twitter as well.  #ariaappletonfilm and @ariaappleton.  http://www.AriaAppleton.com  Find the International Christian Film Festival here.

Thank you for keeping up with me here and supporting my creative endeavors.  I’ll keep you updated as things develop this year.


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